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The Wonderful Words of Albert Einstein
Oneliners by Einstein at The Quote Board
The World as I See It: An Essay by Einstein (American Institute of Physics)
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Albert Einstein Theology
Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity: Simplifying the Metaphysics of Albert Einstein's Special and General Relativity

Pictures of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein - Quotes, Articles, and a wonderful Photo Essay
F.B.I. interview with Albert Einstein, November 1, 1940

Einstein's Obituary - at Obits.Com
Times Obituary of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Online - Devoted to links about Einstein
Albert Einstein: Image & Impact (American Institute of Physics)
Albert Einsteins' Biography with a focus on his theories
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Albert Einstein Archives
Einstein Papers Project

The Principles of Relativity
The Einstein Equation: What's the basic idea?
Einstein's Field Equations - Basic explanations & QuickTime Movies
Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein
The Meaning of Einstein's Equation by John C. Baez and Emory F. Bunn
Einstein's Special Theory & General Theory of Relativity (Combined, Corrected, and Extended) by Redbourne Physics

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Albert Einstein's Relativity: The Special and General Theory