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Fun Stuff

Bubble Wrap
Bouncy Balls
Draw in 3-D
Make Pretty Squiggles


Bored Witch
Retro Arcade Games
Simon Says, Tetris, Pacman, and a few others.
Animated Concentration
3-D Labyrinth


Web Sudoku
Number & Word Puzzles

For Little Kids

PBS Kids
PBS Kids: Go
Yahoo Kids: Games

Game Rules

Chess Rules for Kids
Maze Maker
Puzzle Maker


Cool Math 4 Kids
Schools Links
Primary Resources
Lots of free downloadable resources for primary school children.
Instant Display
Lots of visual resources for teaching kids. Just don't go wandering to other pages on the site. This is the only page of free stuff.
Mad Max Math
Enchanted Learning
So much stuff for kids! I don't even know where to begin. Nick would love this site!
Math Playground
Papa Jan
Has Activity Pad (printable games and coloring pages), lots of games, and helpful info to help you teach your little one to read.
AOL Kids
Preschool Level Games (AOL)
Handwriting Worksheets
Cool Math
Very colorful and cute! From pre-algebra through beginning calculus. I may even use this site myself for some fun review!

To Mine for More Links

Math Games
Coxhoe Primary School
A wonderful resource! Lots and lots of fun educational links for kids. Check out "Year Groups", "Curriculum Links", and "Fun Stuff".
Pipe Mania
Monkey See, Monkey Do
A cute little Memory game.
Gyro Ball
Simple, but harder than it looks.
Pipes Down
Simple 3-D Pipes game.
Words with 8 Letters
Termite Maze
Literacy Games at BBC
Math Games at BBC
History for Kids on BBC
BBC for Primary School
History of the Alphabet
Websites Created by Kids
Resources for Learning
Fun with Learning Resources
Proverbs for Kids
Word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, etc. for ESL students.
I Know That
Pre-K through sixth grade. Games and practice in all subjects.
Help pre-schoolers learn to read.
Fun School
Fun School Pre-School Games
Fun Brain
Education Place
Internet for the Classroom
Math and language activities for K - 8.