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DSE 601 E-Pipe - 156 mm
Greentech G500 Pipe
RS 888 Mini Pipe (aka "Lady" Pipe) - 110 mm


DSE 701 Cigar and RN 4062 E-Cigar - 148 mm
Greentech G120 Cigar
DSE 501 Disposable Cigar - 147 mm
Greentech Disposable Cigar


DSE 801 / RN 4072 - 153 (155?) mm
DSE 801, RN 4072, BE 112, and Joye 302 are completely compatible.
DSE 801 doesn't seem to work well with manual batteries (including with an adapter to a 510 manual battery).

BE 112 - 145 mm
BE 112 and Joye 302 have low-bridge atomizers.

Joye 302 - 155 mm

M 201 - 154 mm

Janty Kissbox (123 mm ?)

Has manual/automatic switch mechanism inserted between atomizer and battery.

The Minis

DSE 901 (or virtually identical RN 4075) - 118 mm
901 works well on 808D battery, but not vice versa because of airflow problems.
901 works well with adapter to 510 battery (both auto and manual).

Joye 510 - 112 mm
aka Dura, Yeti, or Titan

M 401 - 108 mm
aka Pilot, Evo, EM4, or Dragon

DSE 108 - 108 mm

KR 808D-1
Examples: Vapor King, Nebula, Vaperello, DPVP9, Fusion, and Zeus.
GreenCig is compatible, but cartomizers and batteries are different lengths.
901 atomizers fit KR808D-1 batteries. Need an adapter to go the other way because of airflow problems.

KR 808D-2
Examples: GreenSmoke, Red Dragon, E9, e-Puffer, Amerismoke, Smoke 51 DUO


RN 4081 (102 - 105 mm?)
aka BSE 109
Examples: Smoking Everywhere Gold and Njoy Npro

Good Prophets 411
Don't know how long. Resembles the Modern Vapor Sidesho. But, definitely not the same connector.

DSE 103 (103 mm)
Atomizers and Batteries supposedly compatible with RN 4081, but obviously not the cartridges.

Joye 306 (aka Janty Mini Fogger) and M 402 - 98 mm



Joye 306a and M 403 (89 mm)
Joye 306 and 306a are essentially the same device, just with different batteries.
M 403, M 402, and M 401 are essentially the same device, just with different batteries.
Joye 3XX and M 4XX are not compatible with each other in spite of being the same design and about the same size.
Joye 3XX are, however, compatible with Joye 510.

L 88 (88 mm)
Examples: blu and Volcano

According to darkwitch on ECF, a blu battery can be used with a 306 cartomizer.

DSE 084 (or 8084) - 84 mm
The very smallest e-cig.

DSE 084 Starter Kit at
$35.66 - 2 batteries, 1 atomizer, charging case
5% discount code? - LT58GB or AZLT58GB

Source of Info on This Page (from a thread on ECF)

For more info see E-Cigarette Models at Vapeatron. They describe many more models. What I have on this page is just to help me get an overview of some of the more common, basic models that come in beginner kits.