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And a good idea for how to store and organize my recipes.
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Bananas Foster
Black Licorice
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DFW Caramel Macchiato

Finally found a good peppermint! (Flavour Art)

Add 2-3 drops of concentrated lemon juice to each 5 ml of your mix for fruit flavors to make them *pop* without tasting the lemon.

TPA Juicy Peach 12% + 1 drop LJ/3ml (Iffy)

I use ACV (apple cider vinegar) for desserts and savory recipes; 1 drop/3ml. Any recipe with a cream component, I would treat as a dessert/savory, but that's just me. Please note that some folk may prefer more drops of ACV or LJ. My ratio is just a general rule of thumb.

Janet's Heaven:
(Iffy - Since the two individual flavs below are also my daily vapes, I mix each flav independently and then combine 50/50.)
Blueberry (VZ Super Concentrate) at 2.5%.
Pear (TPA) at 12%.
1 drop lemon juice per 3ml joose. And no, you do not taste the LJ.

According to salemgold:
- TFA Maraschino Cherry - no more than 1 drop per 10 ml
- Caramel Cappuccino - no more than 1 drop per 10 ml
- Cherry Cigar tastes like Cherry tootsie pop

Blue Moon by InTheClouds (Older People 55 and Up

According to boomerdude:
MTS Vape Wizard for tobacco mixes and Smooth for fruit and dessert vapes. Same as ACV (apple cider vinegar) for TB and lemon juice for desserts.

According to Jimi D.:
Magic Mask and Vape Wizard are for stabilizing flavors. The VW is for tobacco flavors, as it contains a woody note. MM is for non tobaccos which has a sweet taste to it.

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According to Questions about some potent TPA flavors:
  • Use 1 drop of TPA Caramel Cappuccino to 10 ml base.
  • Make a separate bottle of 10% TPA Caramel Cappuccino in 90% PG. Then use that at 1dr/1ml. Leaves more room for adjustments.
  • Try 1 drop in 10ml of base, and add 5 or 6 drops of TFA Sweet Cream. It's a pretty good vape.
  • Or try 1 drop CC per 10 ml and 5 drops TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (or TFA Vanilla Swirl).
    Peppermint Patty
  • TPA Double Chocolate (clear) 7%
  • TPA Peppermint 6%
  • TPA Ethyl Maltol (10% PG) 2%
  • TPA Menthol 1%
    Papa Smurf
  • Cap sweet strawberry 8%
  • Cap blueberry 8%
  • Tfa sweet cream 5%
  • Tfa em 4%
Dulce de Leche - 5 drops in 6ml bottle
    Merlin21's Modified Version of Boba's Clone
  • 4% Vaping Zones Black & Mild (aka Black Cigar)
  • 4% (TFA) Banana Nut Bread
  • 3% (TFA)Cinnamon Danish
  • 3% (TFA)Graham Cracker
  • 1% (TFA)Coconut
  • 1% EM
My Boba's Clone by ManWithNoName
Butter Rum Toffee Java by rockymtnrobin
FW Black Licorice at 1% - Jimi D.