I Want to Believe

From the movie 'Braveheart':

At his father's command, Robert the Bruce has just betrayed William Wallace (Braveheart). The Bruce saw the look on Wallace's face when Wallace realized that the Bruce betrayed him. The Bruce was heartbroken.

In a conversation afterwards, the Bruce's father says, "All men betray. All men lose heart.":

And Robert the Bruce responds,

"I don't want to lose heart! I want to believe, as he does!"

I don't think I even noticed this quote until the second time I saw the movie. But, once I did notice it, the movie changed for me. It became about Robert the Bruce and what he represents.

William Wallace is the ideal. He's what we want to be. Robert the Bruce is a real human being. He is us. He is me. With all my doubts. With all my confusion. With all my not knowing which advice to listen to. With all my inability to just follow my own heart.

The quote strikes a very deep chord. We all want happiness. But, what is happiness? I think it's an inner peace, a knowing that we are where we should be, doing what we should be doing. Not what society says we should be doing, but what our heart says we should be doing.

I may not be there yet. But, I'm getting closer. I'm getting better at the first step, to realize that wherever we are IS where we're supposed to be, that our life so far is not just a series of mistakes. And that, if we were supposed to know all the answers from the beginning, there wouldn't be much point in living.