I've had this picture in my house for a long time, and I just found a copy of it on the internet. You can find/buy it at www.art.com. They have a lot of posters there that I have bought elsewhere. This one has always been particularly meaningful for me.

I see the eagle as the intellect/ego (They're not the same thing. But, they both think they're in charge.), sharp, in focus, and right up in front.

I see the wolf as body/emotions/soul (not Spirit, just closer to it), with blurred edges that fade into the background, larger and less in focus.

We think we are the eagle. We identify with our minds and with our egos. But, we are much more.

We are both, the eagle and the wolf. In many ways, we are more the wolf. The eagle is part of who we are. But, the wolf is our depths, the hidden and subtle parts. He is our heart and soul. But, he's not right up front and easy to understand. Knowing him requires patience. But, he's well worth knowing.