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Blind in Texas
Dr. Waiting Room
Pecans in Cemetery
Judging Others
Stupid People
Tickle Me Elmo
The Speeding Juggler
Aging Explained

Grandma in Court
Talking Muffin
Tick Warning
The Old Poodle
Road Rage
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Computer Test

These pages are full of gifts from other people that I've received through emails. I've always wanted to do something with them. It seemed such a waste to just file them away in old emails that will probably never be seen again.

So, here they are - for continuous enjoyment !

Photos Taken at Just the Right Angle

For Women Only
5 Tips for a Woman
A Vegetative State
Drugs for Women
Classes for Men
Wishing Well
Going to Bed

Just a Few Pictures
Plumber's Mailbox
Florida Pest
Worst Job

And Something a Little More Inspiring
The Cracked Pot
Stress Management
A Miracle